Postgresql is a known as powerful, open source object relational database system. Postgresql has gained a solid reputation for its proven reliability, architecture, robust feature set, data integrity, extensibility and more. So Postgresql has become the open source relational database of option for different organizations and people.

Postgresql is an advanced and open source relational database system. It supports both JSON (No relational) querying and SQL (relational) querying.

It is open source software and free. It means you don’t need to pay anything for this. It is easily available on the internet.

PostgreSQL is a stable database supported by over 20 years of development by the open-source network. PostgreSQL is utilized as an essential database for different web applications just as analytics and mobile applications.

Postgresql is focused on Standards compliance and extensibility.  If your website needs to handle thousands requests per second at the same time then it is really a big issue. But, PostgreSQL provides the best solution for this.

PostgreSQL can handle different users at the same time. It assists developers to develop the applications. It assists the administrator to develop a fault tolerant environment by protecting data integrity.

It works well with the BI application. However, Postgresql is more perfect for data analysis application and data warehousing.

PostgreSQL runs on different operating systems for instance Windows, IOS, Linux and more.  PostgreSQL likewise supports Unicode, Multibyte character encoding, International character sets and more.  PostgreSQL is extremely scalable in the sheer quantity of data.

It is mostly used in government GIS data, web technology, financial industry, NoSQL and for scientific data. It provides a powerful SQL engine and wonderful analytical capabilities.

It assists you to handle large amounts of the data.  It can work well with all modern web frameworks for instance Node.js, Django.

PostgreSQL includes different features and some important features are given below:

  •   Table spaces
  •   Point in time recovery
  •   MVCC (Multi version concurrency control)
  •   Hot/ Online backups
  •   Asynchronous replication
  •   Nested transactions
  •   Write ahead hogging for fault tolerance
  •   Sophisticated query optimize/ planner
  •   It can run web apps and dynamic websites.
  •   It provider most sophisticated locking mechanism
  •   Compliant with the ANSI SQL standard
  •   Object oriented
  •   Full support for client server network
  •   Compatible with different platforms using all middle ware and languages
  •  Mature server side programming functionality

Advantages of Postgresql

  • Postgresql can be utilized as a geospatial data store for location based services and geographic information systems. Because it supports geographic objects.
  • Low maintenance service for both enterprise and embedded use
  • It can work well with all modern web frameworks for instance Node.js, Django.
  • You don’t require much training to learn Postgresql because it is easy to use.
  • It can run web apps and dynamic websites.
  • The source code of Postgresql is freely accessible under an open source license. It permits you the freedom to modify, use and implement it as per your business requirements.
  • You can run Postgresql on different platforms such as Windows, IOS, Linux and more.

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