Odoo is a business management software. It is also known as Open ERP and free to use. It includes inventory management, project management, warehouse, manufacturing, accounting, billing, e-commerce and CRM.

Open Source ERP is a software framework and its source code is freely accessible. So, everybody can utilize and modify an open-source ERP according to their own needs and necessity.

In any case, to change the current source code of an ERP framework, the client needs a great deal of development skills, particularly in open source innovations.  It is becoming more famous in business industry because:

  • Open source: It is an open source software. It means you can download Odoo without any cost. It is one of the best business management software in the market.  Anyone can use this software for free.
  • Scalable: This is a scalable software. You can include any number of users in this business management software because organization or business size does not matter for this.
  • Flexible: Want to add a custom feature? If yes then you can add custom features with the help to Odoo developers.
  • Global support: Offer responsive support.
  • Up to date technology: The new updated versions of Odoo are Odoo V10 and V11. The main advantage of this software is that it gets regular upgrades and updates according to the latest environment.
  • User friendly: It is possible that we can utilize the standard Odoo which has a profoundly easy to use user interface, or we may download the accessible themes. We can likewise make new topics with our own thoughts.
  • Easy to integrate with third party services: We can integrate Odoo with third party service providers such as Social media, SMS, shopping site etc.
  • Highly modular: You do not have to install the whole Odoo on your framework. You can download and install particular application modules according to your business needs. For instance: Odoo enterprise resource planning of POS with Accounting.

Test Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning Software Online Free

Odoo Getting Started : https://www.odoo.com/documentation/user/13.0/

Odoo is all in one management software and a user friendly software.  It includes hundreds of business applications such as inventory management, project management, warehouse, manufacturing, accounting, billing, e-commerce and CRM.

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