MariaDB is a multi-threaded, open source, relational database management system released under the GNU.

MariaDB is created as open source programming and as a social database it gives a SQL interface to getting information. The most recent adaptations of MariaDB additionally incorporate GIS and JSON highlights.

MariaDB is a leading database because of its features, performance and reliability. MariaDB transforms information into organized data in a wide exhibit of use, running from banking to sites. MariaDB provides better and more storage engines.

It is initially structured as an upgraded, drop-in substitution for MySQL. MariaDB is utilized because it is quick, adaptable and robust, with a rich ecosystem of capacity engines. Different modules and tools make it flexible for a wide assortment of use cases.

In simple words, MariaDB is a replacement of the MySQL Database server. MariaDB includes different major open source storage engines.  Indexes and database structure of MariaDB are similar to MySQL.

This permits you to switch from MySQL to MariaDB without having to modify your application.  And you don’t need to change the data and data structure.

MariaDB likewise supports TokuDb, which can manage big data for corporate users and large organizations.

It means:

The connectors of MySQL will work with MariaDB without any changes.

Client protocols, APIs and structure are identical

Data and table definition files are compatible

Features of using MariaDB

MariaDB supports PHP. PHP is a famous language for web development

MariaDB provides the advance Galera cluster technology

MariaDB supports a standard and popular querying language

MariaDB operates under BSD, GPL and LGPL licenses

MariaDB comes with different storage engines. For instance high performance ones that can be combined with other RDMS (Relational Database Management System).

MariaDB runs on different operating system and MariaDB supports different programming languages

Permits you to switch from MySQL to MariaDB without having to modify your application.

MariaDB offers much faster privilege checks for setups with different many database or user accounts

There are different advantages of MariaDB and some are given below:

Support for big data operations

The sheer amount of information that organizations gather and analyse is valuable. So it’s essential to have a database structure that works with you to determine a value out of this data.

ColumnStore can process numerous petabytes of data, which obliges the ever-growing list of information sources in the modern business world. You can utilize standard SQL.

Seamless scaling

MariaDB Platform is intended to work with billions of segments and lines and produce outcomes in seconds. The extremely equal processing support has a critical effect on the database’s analytics speed.

As your data indexes develop and you have new requirements, your framework develops with you.

Cost effective cloud based storage

The main advantage of MariaDB is that it supports cloud for data storage.  Your company can reduce the data storage cost by using object services.

Provide columnar storage for faster analytics performance

You can increase the performance by using columnar storage.  It offers analytics operations and you can optimize your database operations.

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