Joomla is a open-source CMS (Content management system) and free Throughout the years Joomla has won different honours.

It is based on a model see controller web application system that can be utilized autonomously of the Content management system that permits you to develop incredible online applications.

Joomla is one of the most well-known web software. Thanks to its worldwide network of designers and volunteers, who ensure the platform is easy to understand, extendable, accessible, multilingual, responsive, search engine optimization and so more.

Joomla is helpful to build powerful applications and dynamic websites.  Joomla has native interface that assists you to utilize its functionalities and features.

Joomla is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store the information while utilizing object-oriented programming procedures. Joomla tends to be set up with a single click install through a web hosting control panel.

Joomla can be utilize for:

  • Small business websites
  • Corporate websites or portals, extranets and intranets
  • Community-based, church and school portals and websites
  • Government, non-profit and organisational websites
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Online publications, newspapers and magazines
  • Family and personal homepages

Joomla’s incredible application system makes it simple for developers to make complex add-ons that expand the intensity of Joomla into practically boundless directions. The Joomla system enables developers to build easily and quickly.

  • Communication tools
  • Reservation systems
  • Complex business directories
  • Integrated e-commerce systems
  • Custom product catalogs
  • Application bridges
  • Data reporting tools
  • Inventory control systems

Features of Joomla

Multilingual: Joomla supports more than 70 languages

Easy to use:  Joomla offers a friendly and easy to use interface. So anyone can use Joomla easily.  Rocket science is not required to use Joomla.

Responsive: It offers a totally responsive website.

Security: Security is a basic element to consider when you make a site. Joomla gives you two factor validation to avoid the chances of hacking. So your site would not get hacked yet in the event that you leave normal passwords and username and somebody gets in, you can re-establish a hacked Joomla website.

Open source: Main advantage of Joomla is that it is totally free because it is open source.  You will never have to pay anything to use the Joomla but you will need to pay for hosting.

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